Saturday, September 8, 2007

New Bind-it-All

OK, so I broke down and bought a Bind-it-All Machine, I've seen so many neat projects done with this little baby that when I got a coupon from my local Achievers store for 25% off, I thought why not. Now I just need to justify buying it and get busy making some great things (as soon as I figure out how to use it). My friend Bonnie just received a BIA as a gift, the two of us need to get together and get binding! If anyone has a BIA Machine and can offer any tips or insight or would let me know how they like it, that would be great. One of my main reasons for buying one was so that I could make some Christmas gifts using it. I'll be sure to post my first project using my new BIA machine when I can get in some stamping time.
My kids have started back to school and had homework the very first day and that means Mom gets to help them with their projects instead of my own.

To see some excellent examples of projects done with the BIA machine follow these links:
Beate's address and coaster books

Charmaine's friends book

Have a great day!

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corinnesomerville said...

Trust will NOT regret getting this machine !!! I LOVE MINE !!! Enjoy !!!