Friday, September 14, 2007

Getting Organized

If I close my eyes, in my dream world I would have my life be completely organized, Yeah I know its time to wake up! I have a family and most of us don't put stuff back like we should. So my closets don't look like Martha Stewart lives in my house but I try my best.

Before I move into my new craft room (still a work in progress) I know that I need to get rid of a lot of stuff since I'm going into a smaller room and I need to be organize. For all of my little embellishment do dads I used to use these metal watchmaker tins but they never stayed closed and didn't travel well so just last week I found these medium size Artbin cases at JoAnn's craft store used for beads and jewelry making and sorted through my stuff. I only put in thinks I know I'm going to use and got rid of the rest. I bought four cases one for brads, another for buttons, eyelets and the last for glitter.

Now I just have to go through all of the rest of my mess :(

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