Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Missing in Action

For the past few days my time has been taken up with preparing for tonight's stamp camp and caring for my baby boy who has been sick with a bad cold. I don't remember going this long with out sleep with my other two children, there are soooo many days that I feel like I'm walking in my sleep because I've been up at least two times during the night, for the past 10 months. Our youngest Connor is a blessing just as our other children are, but man hes going to be the one to keep us on our toes.
It sure is harder doing all of this baby stuff 10 years later!

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Dawn Marie said...

This is why God gives us children when we are young! Connor will, I promise, grow out of it. Ella was the same way, but has turned the corner at 2 years old. Hang in there. You need to take advantage of your hubby when you can and catch some extra ZZZZ's.