Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Good Find

A few weeks ago I was shopping at my neighborhood Archiver's and as I was browsing along I found this book on scrapbooking a child's toddler hood, I didn't buy it that day but it stuck in my mind that I could probably use some new inspiration when I start scrapbooking my son Connor's books. So when I had a coupon I went back and got it, it was the last one! I like this book because the scrapbook pages are great but not over the top, something maybe I could do and through out the book it gives you extra ideas for mini scrapbooks or other projects that you could do. So if you have a toddler or will have a toddler or know someone who does, this is a good book, at least I think so.

Toddler hood from the editors of Memory Makers Books:

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Bonnie said...

Hey Lynn, Glad you got your book, and if Lynn says it's good. Buy it!!!