Sunday, January 13, 2008

You Make My Day!

My blogging friend Tina from her blog Wooded Views nominated me for this You Make My Day award, isn't that nice? Well Tina thanks so much for the award it was sweet of you to think of me. Now I'm supposed to nominate 10 other bloggers, wow 10! So many bloggers have already been nominated for this award so if I happen to nominate you and this is not your first time consider yourself really loved!

Dawn - Dawn's Special Creations
Bonnie - Bonnie's Blog
Vicki - Have a Nice Day!
Deb - Sharing my Obsession
Amy - Silly Stamper
Debbie - Snickerdoodle Dreams
Lauren - The Beauty Within
Tina - right back at ya babe!

OK, how about eight bloggers, I know there are so many more bloggers out there that help to make my day, you know who you are by the comments I leave for you on your blogs.

PS, don't feel obligated to post 10 bloggers with your nomination, if you'd like you can just post the award and bask in the glory of it, or not!


Amy said...

Oh Lynn you are so sweet! Thanks for the nomination!

debbiedee said...

Thank you for nominating me Lynn. That was so sweet of you!