Friday, January 18, 2008

27 Dresses

Yes this is a movie review, which I don't normally do but I just have to! The reason being is that my husbands friend Brian, who he's known since they were just kids is actually in this movie, I know how exciting! He plays a walk on who delivers flowers to Katherine Heigl around the middle of the movie, if you go to see it he's the one wearing the purple shirt. The woman that directed the movie Anne Fletcher went to high school with both my husband and Brian and since Brian is an actor and friend, she had Brian audition and he got the part. It was so weird seeing Brian on the big screen, even if it was for just a few short seconds and his name was in the credits, how cool is that! He even got to ride in a limo with Katherine Heigl.
Anyway if you have a chance to see this movie, go because its an adorable, feel good kind of movie that will make you laugh!
Click here to see a few clips of the movie: 27 Dresses

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