Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Darling Husband

Well I just wanted to thank everyone for all the prayers and concern about my husbands accident the other day, its very kind of all of you to leave such nice comments wishing him well. He is still sore in his neck and back but has reassured me that he's going to be alright (men are so stubborn and wont go to the doctors). My prayers go out to the man that hit him, because he was taken away in an ambulance and from what my husband said he did not look good. Which is sad because in the back of this mans truck, my husband noticed that he had a child's sled and other children's toys. I have yet to find out from the police report how he is doing, but I hope he is well, after all he is someones son, husband, brother or father.


Wife2TJ said...

That is sweet of you to think about the other guys family as well. Glad you dh is doing well.

Amy said...

Oh that just breaks my heart. If you do hear how he is do keep us posted! Keeping him and his family in my prayers!