Saturday, January 5, 2008

Flooring Fun!

I haven't posted anything in the last two days due to the fact that were having our wood floors in our house refinished. The smell is sooo bad that we have spent the last two nights at a hotel, and let me tell you just how fun it is to stay in a hotel with three kids, one of them being only 13 months old and loves to scream all night till the wee hours of the morning. This morning I just stopped home to let the workers in the house and drop off a few things and tonight we might just spend the night at my mothers (God help me), two nights with no sleep and then sleeping at my moms (lets just say she likes to push my buttons sometimes). Were hoping to get back in the house on Sunday and try and get back to normal by Monday or Tuesday, I hope. I am able to check my email by my new Christmas gift that my DH bought me, its a new Centro Palm, its very cool, its my new brain!

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Lisa said...

Does your Mom read your blog? ;O)

When we had our floors done (cork), they had to use some "substance" to even out the concrete. I literally thought I was going to lose consciousness, it was so bad. We went to a hotel with our Golden Retriever. lol.