Thursday, December 6, 2007

My Boys

This post is non stamping related but I've wanted to post a few quick pictures of my boys from their birthday a few weeks ago and here they are. Naa, there's no age difference between them, not at all. Zachary just turned 13 and Connor turned 1, there birthdays are a week apart so we had them together.

Last week Zach must have been thinking about the difference in age between himself and Connor and he said that he was kind of bumbed that he wouldn't be able to grow up with Connor he said "when I'm going away to college he'll just be going to kindergarten" and I said "your right, but you'll always be brothers and when your both adults age wont be a big deal, this is how God planned it for our family and Mom and Dad are blessed to have all three of you"

I just love these pictures of both of them and the one of Connor with his red Elmo cupcake cracks me up!

I love my family and my life!

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Dawn Easton said...

Oh my gosh! How cute!