Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Zoo

Yesterday our family went to the Toledo Ohio Zoo, its the best zoo because its so clean and every where you look there is something nice to look at without having to walk miles to see it. This was Connor's first trip to the zoo and even though it was real hot out he got a kick out of seeing the animals and was so good. One of my favorite animals to see is the hippos, the mother and her baby are so sweet to watch. Zachary my oldest son loves the reptile house and the aquarium he could stay in those two places the whole time we were there, he could probably give a guided tour of the aquarium he knows so many of the different types of fish and sea life. This year the zoo had a butterfly exhibit the kids really enjoyed that. Towards the back of the zoo are the gardens and a green house, its beautiful people even have their weddings there, the gardens are filled with gorgeous flowers.

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