Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Who's the Luckiest mom in the world?

I am, I am, cause I have three great kids!
I hope everyone had a fun St. Patrick's Day yesterday!
These are a few shots of my youngest Connor in his green for St. Patrick's Day. Even with a fever and a runny nose, he still put on a smile for his mom. All three of my kids have had a cold and cough over the past week, all it takes is one of them to come home from school with it and before you know it, all of them are sick.

This is a busy week (as usual) for our family, between the dentist, orthodontist, parent teacher conferences, dance class, two rehearsals for my daughters talent show, the carpets getting cleaned and getting ready for Easter it sure keeps a girl hoppin'.

Thanks for stopping by!


Deb said...

awwww this is soo cute, what a handsome little guy! I hope everyone feels better soon!

Bonnie said...

Lynn, Connor is sooooo cute, he sure is growing fast. Hope he feels better soon.
your sistah, Bonnie

SueD said...

How cute is he?? Makes me wish mine were young again. Ok not really but I can enjoy pictures of others cute little youngsters.

Anonymous said...

His daddy must be really good looking....lol

your DH