Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tag, I'm It!

I've been tagged by Cassie from her blog For the Art of It, now I'm suppose to list 7 random facts about myself and randomly tag 7 other people, here I go.

Hmmmm, random facts, this may be boring to some of you out there.
1. For a woman I'm quite tall, I'm 5'11" and growing up I was always the tallest in my class and I hated it, now I love being tall and would never take it back.

2. I think I have some sort of compulsive disorder, example: I clean out a junk drawer in my kitchen and after I clean it out and it looks all nice and organized I have to keep going back and pulling the drawer open just to look at it. Yeah I know crazy huh? (it could be because nothing ever stays clean at my house)

3. My favorite snack is popcorn, I could eat it every night when I'm watching TV. Yeah I know you shouldn't eat anything after dinner time, that's probably why I'm not stick skinny.

4. I hate clothes shopping, its the worst for me, if I need something, I go to the store, go in and if they have it I buy it and go. I think I don't like clothes shopping because my mother always use to love to shop and could shop for hours when I was little, that and nothing ever fit right on me because I was always so tall. Back then there were no jeans in Short, Medium and Tall, they were all just short - lets just say it was NOT a pretty site!

5. I have a small collection of old children's books that I adore, one was my mothers when she was little, its a Raggedy Ann story called Marcella and the pages are so old they feel like silk.

6. This sounds weird, but I'm not a liquid drinker, what I mean is that I could go all day with only having something to drink maybe four times, which is really bad, I need to start drinking more water or I may turn into a camel.

7. I love to watch old movies when I have the time, especially old Hitchcock movies like the Rear Window.

OK now on to the 7 people to tag. If I've tagged you and you aren't up to playing I will understand.
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Thanks if you've made it through this whole thing!


Cassie said...

OMG! I am 5'10" and had the same issues growing up. High-watered pants drove me crazy - now I can only wear capris and really, really long jeans!!
Thanks for playing!

Contact me said...

Lynn! I don't drink all day either! Maybe 2 sips at dinner and once at night. How funny! Love your froggy card!