Tuesday, March 4, 2008

4 Tag

I've been tagged by Dawn, so here it goes......

4 Jobs I've Had: Accounting job with a management company, Sales/Instructor job with a wonderful Scrapbook store, Stampin' Up demonstrator and the best job ever - Mother to my three children.
4 Movies I've Seen: The last movies I've seen at the theater are 27 Dresses and PS I Love You, I can't remember before that.
4 Places I've been: Mexico, Canada, Florida, Illinois
4 Places I've lived: All in the state of Michigan - Fraser, Warren, St. Clair Shores and Chesterfield.
4 TV Programs I watch: Men in Trees, Medium, Boston Legal and Greys Anatomy when its on.
4 Radio Shows I listen to: I'm all over the board, I listen to what ever I'm in the mood for.
4 Favorite Foods: Pizza, Chicken Enchiladas, Lobster and chocolate (what chocolate is a food).
4 Places I'd Rather be: The east coast during the summer, Disney World with my family, On a beach some place warm, Sitting in our hot tub.

OK now to tag someone else, hmmmm.
Tangii from her blog Tangii's Creative Corner
Katie from her blog Just Me

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