Monday, November 12, 2007

Houston we have Lift Off!

Yes that's right this post is coming to you live from my new craft room, hooray! My darling husband worked his butt off this last weekend and got soooo much work done between my sons new room and my new craft room and it is looking fabulous. I still have a big mess in the main part of my basement but its looking better, I've been slowly filtering the things I use into my new space, I didn't want to rush and just start sticking stuff away and think that I would go through it later because I know Me, later would never come and I'd still be a disorganized mess. The carpet is scheduled to be installed this Thursday or Friday and after that I'm takin' pictures.

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Dawn Marie said...

COOL!!! I cant wait to see your beautiful new "addition" to your family. HAHAHA Cant wait to be invited over to scrapbook(hint hint). Take your time and get it the way you want cause you know this will be YOUR room for a long time. TFS