Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bella Storage

Since I'm trying to get organized in my new space I thought that I would share how I store my Bella stamps. I use to store them in baseball card protector sheets and in a binder but that wasn't really working good for me so I decided to put them into CD cases. I just taped the pink image that comes with the Bella to the front of the CD case and then use some double sided tape to hold the actual rubber to the back of the case, then I put all of them into a storage box with each of the cases labeled at the end, all I have to do is reach in and grab the one I want to stamp with! It only took me a few minutes to do this and its so much easier than cleaning them and trying to stick them back into plastic bags or sleeves.

EDIT: A few people have asked were I got the CD cases. I purchase a pack of 10 Memorex standard jewel cases at Target for about $3.00 or less and then I popped out the plastic piece that actually holds the CD inside the case and I was good to go.
This Bella box is starting to get fuller and fuller!


Lynn Mercurio said...

This is a wonderful idea for the growing population of Bellas that I'm acquiring. I'm wondering where you buy your CD cases? Aside from robbing them from old CDs I don't use any longer, I'm running out and the only ones that I can find now are the "skinny" type.

Dawn Marie said...

That is such a cool idea Lynn. YES where did you get them at? TFS

Dawn Easton said...

This is a FANTASTIC idea!!! I will have to try this....wonder if my husband will notice if I steal some CD covers...lol! Thanks so much for sharing!

Kim said...

Love this idea and will have to use it for my ever-growing collection. Thanks, Kim