Thursday, October 4, 2007

Lucky Me!

This sweet little baby boy photo tin was made for my son Connor and was given to me at my baby shower from my very good friend Dawn. It stores and sorts his pictures for an entire year. Dawn did an amazing job on this photo tin, I was so excited when I opened this the day of my shower. I know she must have work hard at making this for me, as you can see the outside is decorated with designer paper, tons of ribbon and has Connor's name on the front of it, but inside she made dividers for each month and decorated each one of them. This is a great idea for anyone looking for a gift for someone who is having a baby.

Thanks again Dawn!

To see more of Dawn's Special Creations visit her blog.

1 comment:

Dawn griffith said...

Oh my congrates on your new baby girlie .. OH my you know alot of Dawns HUH? What a fabulous gift dawn gave you and What a Great name too I might add :-) I am sure you will have a blast filling the tin up with a bunch of goodies .. Thanks for the email with your link too.. Love your blog .. Cant wait to see what your up to next . ..
happy stampin girlie ..
Dawn griffith ( The other DAWN )... :-)