Sunday, October 14, 2007

My Little Crumb Snatcher

This is my 11 month old son Connor, he's a busy little guy, always on the go. This weekend it was just the two of us because Dad & Zachary (older brother) went hunting for the first time and sister Gabby went camping with a friend. Needless to say mom didn't get much time for stamping or anything else but had fun with her baby! Connor is at the stage of walking along the furniture and loves books, getting into mom's kitchen cupboards and putting everything in his mouth he can find. My husband says that we should have named him something more like Hoover or Dyson because he can collect more crumbs than a high powered vacuum. He's changing and learning so much every day, I cant believe next month my baby will be one!

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Dan said...

He looks just like my father's son. What a cutie!!