Friday, January 16, 2009

Blogging Babble

Since I'm sick and don't have anything to show you as far as a card or project I thought that I would chat about blogging.
I'm not sure if some of you noticed but a few weeks back I switched my blog template from a two column template to a three column template. I did this so that I would have more room to organize the information I have on my blog and because I felt that the one side bar I had was so long that adding another side bar would balance out the look of my blog. After doing a little research I found a site that helped me create a three column template, if you are interested in changing over to a three column template you can click here. Please follow the instructions to the letter or the change over will not work, the first time I tried I forgot one word and it didn't work, that and please make sure you do step number one which is to save your current template before you begin. Other than that once I found my mistake it was easy and fun to do and I think I'm pretty happy with having more room.

Another great place to get some wonderful blogging tips is Allison's blog, you have to look on her side bar under her categories for blogging tips and there you will find everything from adding a signature at the end of each post and more. I'm sure most of you already know about Allison's awesome blog and her blogging tips but just in case you don't you might want to take a peek!

Another great link is the Top 5 Ways to Improve your Blog's Usability, I'm sure there are more ways that I can make my blog easier to use for other people who visit but this site had some really good tips and I tried to follow quite a few of them.

Something I actually like when I'm visiting someone else's blog and leaving a comment is to have their comment box as a pop up window. What I mean by this is when you click to leave a comment on some one's card, instead of it taking you to a whole separate page to leave your comment it shows up as a little pop-up box. I like this so that I can still see the persons card and comment on the details of their work. To do this on your own blog if you don't have it this way already (if you have blogger), go under your Settings area, then click Comments and then look down under Comment Form Placement and check Pop-Up Window and then save the change at the bottom.

By posting this information I am not by any means proclaiming that I'm a know it all when it comes to blogging, there is still so much I would like to learn. I just thought that I would share a few things that I found in my search to try and improve my own blog.

I hope this post reads OK since my head is still in the clouds from the NyQuil I took last night.

Thanks for visiting!


Lynne said...

Hey, you are right, this pop-up comment box is a lot nicer. It lets you look at what you are making the comment about while you are writing!

Hope you feel better. I would not have known about the drugs if you hadn't told me - it all made perfect sense!

From another Lynne!

Susana M said...

Lynn Hope you feel better soon thinking of ya and hope your mom is feeling better each day :o)
Hearts and Hugs

Susan said...

Sorry you are still not feeling well. Thanks for taking the time to share your blog knowledge. I have been thinking about going 3 columns myself but didn't know how to proceed.

Melissa Sauls said...

Thanks so much for sharing some EXTREMELY useful tips on blogging. I had actually never heard of Allison's blog! I'm definitely going to take a lot of this very sound advice.
So sorry you are sick. I hope you get to feeling better very soon. I know I hate being sick on the weekend!

Dawn Easton said...

Oh goodness Lynn, I'm sorry you still aren't feeling well...hope you get over it soon!!!

Thanks for all the links and tips... I'm going to check them out today!

Charly said...

Lynn - I have been meaning to email you and ask how you did the three columns because I LOVE it! Thank you so much for sharing this information. Hugs:)

Big Sky Paper and Design said...

Great tips - thank you for posting, hope you feel better soon :)

Stamp and Smile said...

Thanks for the blog tips and info! I so agree on the Comment "POP UP" window... it makes it so nice when you can see the card!!! TFS :)

Karolyn Loncon said...

Cool! I just changed mine, too! I love that you are so generous with your tips - it would take me a week of Sundays to figure that out on my own!! Hehehe Thanks, Lynn - hope you're feeling better soon!