Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mingle Recap

These pictures were just a few from this last weekends Michigan Mingle, the picture up top is of a bunch of us Mingler's at Saturday night's dinner, starting from top left is Dawn Marie, Jill, Kim, Michelle, Me, Lorelei, Shari and Moe. There is a strange reflection from the glass candle holder going on in this shot but the smiles on our faces show the fun and laughs that we were having through out dinner and the Mingle.

To the left is a picture of Dawn Marie and I in the main banquet room on the second day. I had such a fun time but the whole weekend I had a splitting sinus headache that wouldn't go away. Below is a shot of the banquet room that the whole event was held in, you can see how all of the tables are loaded with every ones stamping supplies and boxes of swaps. Lorien, Tracy and Patty did a wonderful job of coordinating this event, everything went great!

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