Thursday, October 23, 2008

Birthday Cards

These beautiful cards are from two of my sweet friends. The first one up top is from Bonnie, she knows I love Stella and Bonnie's card is fabulous with all the fun ribbon and bling! The next two cards are from Dawn (aren't I lucky to get two cards from her!) the glittery cupcake one is so pretty it shimmers in the light and I love it! The bottom card is right up my ally because I'm such a fall person and Dawn used the perfect fall images and colors.

Along with these cards both Dawn and Bonnie gave me wonderful presents for my birthday!

Thank you guys, you're the best!!!

PS Blogger is driving me crazy today!


Danni said...

ACK! Your birthday is tomorrow and your card isn't done. Sigh. I guess it will arrive and be a fun surprise "after" your birthday.
I hope you have a wonderful day!!

Danyel said...

I love your Stella! I wish I could pull off busy, but cute! Mine always look ugly and gaughty!

aka Nelliebella

Anonymous said...

The Colombo Family wish you a happy birthday to you! Hugs from your crazy cousins. :-)

Angélique said...

Just looooooooooooooove your awesome cards!!

Jena said...

Fun cards - glad to hear you like fall colors! Blogger was driving me nuts yesterday, too! Have a great b-day!!!

Dawn Easton said...

Fabulous RAKS Lynn! That Stella cracks me up!